FastNetMon is a traffic analyzer and allows you to detect DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks in 2 seconds and block them. Supports NetFlow v5, v9. IPFIX , sFLOW v4, v5 and Port Mirror / SPAN .

You can detect malicious traffic on the network and immediately block the IP with BGP Blackhole or by applying some policy to the IP both attacker and attacked. Supports BGPv4 , BGP flow spec (RFC 5575).

It has compatibility with Cisco , Juniper , A10 Networks , Extreme , Brocade and MikroTik .

The integration is simple, since it does not require any change in the network topology.

In the following image we can see an implementation of FastNetMon Advanced with a 58gbps attack .

Do you want to try it on your network?

X-Press Technologies is an official FastNetMon partner and provides both the licenses and the installation and commissioning service of the DDoS distributed attack protection system.

What do I need to implement it?

  • A router or switch with Netflow or sFlow support
  • A server for FastNetMon (can be virtualized)
  • Autonomous System AS and public networks
  • Blackhole community with your provider (Required)

More information at

Installation Support - BDT. 5000/-

10G Monthly Subscription- BDT. 10000/-

40G Monthly Subscription- BDT. 18500/-