Binge – Video Streaming Android Dongle for TV/Monitor

Binge – Video Streaming Android Dongle for TV/Monitor

Binge, an “All in One’ streaming service, offers its users an experience of endless entertainment with a wide variety of original web series, 110+ LIVE TV channels, movies, drama series, award-winning TV shows, documentaries, travel & food vlog animation, and much more. This is the ONLY integrated app in the country that allows the users to avail of contents from other streaming apps as well from a single interface. While the freemium subscription of this app allows the users to access a list of FREE exciting content and TV channels, the Premium subscription will entitle the users to watch an extensive list of exclusive content.

The core features of the device are as follows

• 110+ Local & International TV Channels

• 3000+ Local and International Videos

• Binge Originals Movies and Web Series

• Convert your regular TV into Smart TV and Browse YouTube

• Get it in one TV and one mobile access within the same subscription charge

• 30 Days free on Big Screen Pack (Premium Subscription)


The core features of this app are as follows:

• Watch 3000+ VOD content plus Binge Originals ranging from thriller to romantic comedy on the BIG screen (other than smart TV) for the first time in the country.

• Enjoy HD quality LIVE TV channels alongside 140+ other TV channels with your existing LCD or LED TV.

• Enjoy the VOD feature as you can play, pause, and resume watching while streaming your favorite content without having to watch a single commercial.

• Avoid searching your most favorite content by saving the same under ‘my list’ to watch later at your convenience.

• Watch your viewed contents again by accessing your watch history at any point in time.

• Flexibility in making payments for Binge subscription allows you to have full control with your own preferred mode of payments.

• Enjoy parental lock feature.

Special price Offer for 1st 10 subscriber – 2500tk only + one month premium subscription free